Family Time


Family time is always touted as special time that is very important and I’m not here to argue the values of family time but I am wondering how much time together is too much time?  Statistics show that families who eat dinner together have happier more successful children.  Dinner is a great time to connect, catch up on the day, how things are going for everyone and to talk about upcoming schedules and of course the benefit of a healthy meal is always a bonus.  I always try to get us to sit down to dinner together as often as possible and we all know it’s hard with the activities of each individuals but I see the benefits. Continue reading

One Year Later!


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Amazing how a year flies, it was one year ago that Tommy collapsed on the baseball field and his coaches, Jay Denning and Chad Raabe, sprang into action to save his life. Last night, the American Heart Assocation, recognized them for the actions March 5, 2014; their quick thinking and training are the reason Tommy is still with us today.

One more reminder: please take 30-45 minutes to learn CPR. Those few minutes will give the preparation you need to react just as Jay and Chad did.

Amazing Friends!


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We’re grateful for having the chance to be on the radio, thanks to our friend Jimmy Lakey. What a lot of people don’t know is that we hosted today because Jimmy is in Rwanda overseeing his charity River’s Promise. We would love for you to take a minute and read Jimmy and Carries story about their charity. And if you can find it in your heart to send them a few dollars, please do so. They are making a tremendous difference in a part of the world that needs our assistance. Even $5 will make a difference!

Thank you, Jimmy, for all you’re doing!

Your Mother Doesn’t Work at the Gym!!!


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Going to the Gym?

This scene is attention grabbing for a couple of reasons:

1. All gyms have people who can help you utilize all the equipment to guarantee safety. While the person who configured this arrangement should receive bonus points for creativity, it is clearly unsafe. The weights and collars clearly are not made for a broom handle; this configuration is clearly not going to provide safety for the person using it. Ask for help if you’re uncertain of what you’re doing.
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It’s Radio Time…….March 11, 2015


Tom and I get the honor of filling in for Jimmy Lakey on 600 KCOL Wednesday morning from 6:00 to 10:00 am!!  It will be fun to be together again in-studio, talking politics and of course talking with Jack Ekstrom from Whiting Petroleum during the 9 o’clock hour.

I have to say I’m not looking forward to the early morning hour, I’ve gotten used to sleeping in past 5 am.  I do miss talking with all of the elected officials on a regular basis and we are working on getting a couple of them scheduled to interview with us.


Technology is Aggravating


This little Logitech mouse looks so innocent but when I try to use it now it’s a frustrating device!  I have no problems admitting I am not very good with technology but how tough is it supposed to be;  you insert the USB into the computer, turn the mouse on and viola… go.  For some reason I cannot get the curser to work with the mouse. For you smart people out there, yes, I put a new battery in it, then I disconnected the USB and turned the mouse off and tried to re-install but to no avail.  I tried using the mouse on various surfaces too!! Continue reading

Golf also known as: Girl Out Living for Fun!!



Golf cartLast summer (August 2014) Tom and Devon played in the Berthoud Area Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament. Devon tried to tell Tom that she wasn’t good at golf but he bullied her into it anyway.  Thankfully Tom and the other gentlemen in their group were at least willing to just have drinks and fun because of course their foursome came in last place.  When Devon plays golf with her family it is a modified game of scramble so that the course speed is maintained and that is how the golf tournament was played also. Continue reading



Tom and I used to meet Monday to Friday at about 5:15 am.   When we first started our radio program years ago traffic was light, it was April and it felt like we were the only ones awake at that hour.  We got to see the sunrise during the summer months and loved being a part of the new day.  Winter was hard since it was cold and very dark, the sun came up after we were already on-air and our studio didn’t have any windows. Continue reading