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According to my “New Webster’s Dictionary” copyright 1975, 1981 by Delair Publishing Company, Inc. (yes, I know this is an old version but with the internet now why would I buy a newer one?), the definition of friendship is:

friendship, noun.

A relationship of mutual regard; a feeling of liking and esteem.

Studies show that people who have friendships, regularly interact with individuals they share things in common with and have similar interests are happy people.  I believe this with my whole heart!

When I think of friendships I share, it is with many different individuals and my commonalities vary somewhat with each person, but the most important thing is that in each bond we share our lives, concerns, tears and of course our laughter.  In our society our adult friendships usually occur around a social situation such as meals and drinks but when we were kids our friendships were our classmates, we usually hung out at recess and invited to our birthday parties, and we played with our fellow neighbor kids, we rode bikes when it was nice and built snowmen or went sledding.

The most important thing about friendships to me is that I don’t want to feel limited about what I share.  I want to know my friend will just sit back and listen whether it’s to talk about my children, laugh about my my latest goof up and I love to listen to anything that is important to them no matter what!  Sharing is my key to friendships.