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Are you noticing that gas prices are starting to climb? Yesterday I pulled into Sam’s Club at 8:00 a.m. to shop; while driving into the lot  the gas price sign said $2.17 and I needed gas. Usually I get gas on my way out, it keeps me from needing to to the restroom to wash my hands on the way in the store – don’t ask!

It may be time to reconsider my strategy regarding when to get gas. As I pulled up to the pump yesterday the price was no longer $2.17, it was $2.20. The attendant informed me that the price changes at 8:45 a.m. everyday, unfortunately for me the price change didn’t come out in favor of the gas buying public. He also informed me that a lady just demanded a rebate because of the price change. She had filled one car at $2.17, then went home and brought the other car, and of course the price changed so she felt Sam’s owed her the $2.17 price. Not sure why certain people feel like businesses don’t have the right to raise and lower prices.