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It’s time for the PGA Master’s! 

Tom loves sports, almost all sports, Devon not so much.

Three years ago when Tom and I first started our radio show the Master’s was approaching and Tom started talking about some of the players and telling me about the game and what a big deal it is in sports and I shocked the s**t out of Tom when I started to give statistics about Tiger and when he first won and other players that were also competing. Tom was shocked because he made an assumption that because I don’t like to watch football, basketball, hockey, etc. that I wouldn’t know anything about golf.  It was a fair assumption on his part but ever since then Tom likes to wager on PGA picks for the 4 big tournaments each year.   Now it’s time for the 2015 Master’s picks…..

Tom is going to pick Jordan Spieth (In the past Tom has consistently picked Tiger Woods and for those who don’t               know Tiger has had a very poor performance the last many years.) 
Devon is going to pick Rory McIlroy (The Master’s is the only major Rory hasn’t won and he is only 25 years old.)
Now it’s your turn to pick!!!
We want everyone to at least make a guess who will win the Master’s and a surprise for our participants will be announced on Monday…..