I’m not one who normally celebrates St. Patrick’s Day.  If I’m thinking about it I might wear the color green but other than that it’s never been one of those holiday’s I pay much attention too.  Until recently I don’t think I really knew the story of St. Patrick and the religious history of him.

This year was different because I got invited to a St. Patrick’s Day fun dinner and of course I couldn’t go without with wearing green and adding to the fun.  I knew the person hosting the dinner would go all out, including placemats to color and crayons to color with and goodie bags with chocolate coins, so I went out and bought all the females fun Patty’s day head wear (I got the shamrock tiara to wear) and I made sugar cookies with green sprinkles to go with the other green dessert.

No green beer was served, thank goodness, though alcohol was served of course.  A fun dinner with great people.