Family time is always touted as special time that is very important and I’m not here to argue the values of family time but I am wondering how much time together is too much time?  Statistics show that families who eat dinner together have happier more successful children.  Dinner is a great time to connect, catch up on the day, how things are going for everyone and to talk about upcoming schedules and of course the benefit of a healthy meal is always a bonus.  I always try to get us to sit down to dinner together as often as possible and we all know it’s hard with the activities of each individuals but I see the benefits.

Now, I want to know about 24/7 type of time and the idea of too much time together?  What about vacations?  Is it a good idea to include extended family members like grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles on a vacation?  I would love to hear how family vacations go for others and if there is a time where you feel like you’ve reached your limit?

I know my family has had some fabulous vacations to Disneyland and we easily could have stayed longer than our 7 days.  We’ve also had those road trip type vacations where 3 days was the limit and we couldn’t wait to get home. Travel with extended family is not something I’ve tried before but I know many people do it and I want to know how it works out.

Share your thoughts and opinions….