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Going to the Gym?

This scene is attention grabbing for a couple of reasons:

1. All gyms have people who can help you utilize all the equipment to guarantee safety. While the person who configured this arrangement should receive bonus points for creativity, it is clearly unsafe. The weights and collars clearly are not made for a broom handle; this configuration is clearly not going to provide safety for the person using it. Ask for help if you’re uncertain of what you’re doing.

2. When you use weights and equipment you should always return them to the proper place. This photo would not have been snapped if the person had returned everything to its proper location. Your mother does not work at the gym, clean up after yourself.

Be safe while you are at the gym; and just as importantly, be courteous by cleaning up after yourself. The gym should be a place where you feel safe, but at the same time where you feel a warm welcoming environment.

Stay in shape!