This little Logitech mouse looks so innocent but when I try to use it now it’s a frustrating device!  I have no problems admitting I am not very good with technology but how tough is it supposed to be;  you insert the USB into the computer, turn the mouse on and viola… go.  For some reason I cannot get the curser to work with the mouse. For you smart people out there, yes, I put a new battery in it, then I disconnected the USB and turned the mouse off and tried to re-install but to no avail.  I tried using the mouse on various surfaces too!!

I know this seems like a small aggravation and I agree but I think that is what the problem is, the little things that make your life easier cause frustration when you would really like them to work.  Yes, my laptop has the touch pad and yes, it has a touch screen too but some websites are just easier and quicker to use with the mouse and that’s why I bought it.

Help please!  Any other suggestions for this technologically challenged individual with this simple device?