Tom and I used to meet Monday to Friday at about 5:15 am.   When we first started our radio program years ago traffic was light, it was April and it felt like we were the only ones awake at that hour.  We got to see the sunrise during the summer months and loved being a part of the new day.  Winter was hard since it was cold and very dark, the sun came up after we were already on-air and our studio didn’t have any windows.

Now I am up early to experience the sunrise on my drive to early meetings and to take my daughter to school.  I love to see the sky light up, the blue skies, the pink clouds and then to see the cloud color change and the sun come up for us to enjoy the day.  I am one of those people who needs the sun to physically and mentally feel good.  My body thrives on the vitamin D and I just feel happy sitting in the sun.  My house has big windows on the south side that let in all the sun, even the dog enjoys laying on the back patio or in the colder months he finds the spots of sunlight to take his nap in.  Colorado is one of the fabulous states that gets sun most of the year, I love living here.

I would love to hear how you enjoy the sun?  Maybe there are even a few that don’t like the sun, I want to hear from you too!