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What did we learn from the Super Bowl yesterday? (By the way, that was one of the greatest Super Bowl games played)

1. Devon can figure out how to win a bet even when she’s not in the bet. Yes, Devon will be at breakfast when long time listener “Near Broke” pays for picking Seattle.

2. We have a lot of long time listeners who have become friends, like “Near Broke”, since we left the radio station. It is great that we now have a chance to hear your story and get to be friends with you. As we often hear “we knew everything about you because you shared so much on-air, we thought of you as family”  – but a bet is a bet, Near Broke lost and when we get together it will be our usual great time and conversation!

3. Tom Brady is in the Pantheon of the greatest QB’s. In fact, if a Mount Rushmore for QB’s existed Tom Brady would definitely be on the mountain.

4. If you have the best running back in football with one timeout you thrown the ball….no wait, that’s backwards, you have the best running back in football with one timeout you…oh, screw it, Seattle made a boneheaded play which is fine since we were cheering for the Patriots.

5. You must watch the game all the way to the end, and you must play the game all the way to the end!

6. Maybe the Budweiser puppy commercials need to come to an end. The ATM commercial of the puppy being sold was classic, but obviously a play off Budweiser.

7. Go Daddy caved to the pressure to pull their ad with the puppy selling, and then promptly fumbled with their replacement ad.

8. What was up with all the family themed commercials this year? Do ad companies share their game plan?

9. Doritos commercial was hilarious.

10. It is nice when the next day people are talking more about the game than the commercials.