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We attend a number of business networking groups in our area; last night was the first time attending “The Connecting Experts.” The Connecting Experts model is unique, they ask you not to pass around business cards, they instead want you to focus on the concept of asking “what can I do to help you?”

What business networking bits of advice do you have? Have you had more success with one organization over another? Or with one approach when you’re in a group of people?

We are (Tom and Devon) unique in that we’re not asking people to buy anything from us, we’re just letting people know we can emcee events, come talk to their organizations about relevant issues of the day, therefore it is easy for us to talk to people because we’re free! Plus, we have the added experience of having been on the radio for years so every conversation is like an interview, we know how to put people at ease and get them talking about their business and goals. We enjoy all gatherings of people!