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This past weekend we were invited to Scottsdale, AZ by Parent Heart Watch to participate in their annual conference. Parent Heart Watch is an organization founded by women who were struck by the greatest tragedy any parent can experience, losing a child; more specifically they lost their children to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). United in their vision to save as many children and people as possible from SCA they formed Parent Heart Watch in 2005 to provide awareness on SCA, CPR training and the placing of AED’s.

We were invited because Parent Heart Watch recognizes survivors as well as those that cannot be saved by SCA; Tommy was awarded the Young Survivor Champion for 2015. Words cannot explain the feeling of walking the cooridors and seeing so many posters of children and young adults who have died from SCA, too many stories of people standing by not knowing what to do, AED’s in close proximity and no one knowing they were there or how to use them. But as often happens through tragedy something great comes from it. To date they have trained close to 63,000 people in CPR, placed almost 3,000 AED’s and have worked on legislation in multiply states.

It is beautiful how Parent Heart Watch not only counsels to those that are grieving but realizes survivors need support too. Obviously this issue is important to our family, and we’re doing everything we can to continually raise awareness regarding SCA. Please reach out to us or Parent Heart Watch to receive information on receiving CPR training or with placing an AED in your community.