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No, we are not hunting llamas or alpacas, still not sure if this guy is a llama or alpaca, he just happens to be a resident on the property next door to where we hunt geese. You definitely notice what a beautiful day it is, needless to say it was not a good day for goose hunting. An ideal day for goose hunting includes cloudy skies, a little snow and cold; today, January 12, 2015 in Colorado is a perfect day.

I learned a lot of lessons early about gun safety and hunting, but one of the most valuable lessons was about the ethics of fair hunting (and fishing) and what to do with your animals. They are lessons that I share every season with my boys: what does it mean to take an animal? And equally important, if you are going to take an animal, you must know how to clean, treat and store the animal for consumption; and you are absolutely not allowed to harvest an animal if you are not going to consume it. While we all want the big animal, which I hope the boys will get sooner rather than later, the reason we hunt is to eat.

It has been a blessing to share the proud tradition of hunting and fishing with my boys, and I hope they continue hunting and fishing for the rest of their lives, continuing the tradition with their children. My two favorite experiences hunting have nothing to do with animals I have harvested, but each includes the boys both getting their first deer, a joy that can only happend once in a lifetime.

What are your favorite experiences in the outdoors with your children?