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How did you decide to start the New Year? Resolutions, new focus, not changing a thing, now that the year has started are you still on track? Given that New Year’s Eve was on a Wednesday, a lot of people probably took off Thursday and Friday, very easy to get off track with resolutions or new focus when you have a four day weekend.


For this guy, who hurt his back in September, getting back into shape is a top priority. Having always been someone who has exercised, spent time in the outdoors and cares about being in shape, going over three months without working out has been frustrating. It is frustrating watching years of hard work disappear. It is also frustrating knowing you have to pay attention to the phrase “listen to your body” because there was a time, much younger days, that recovery and paying attention to your body was something I didn’t need to do.

When you go through a physical episode and age isn’t allowing you to recover as quickly it requires new strategies, for me it meant reaching out to an acupuncturist, and I want to thank Terry at Artesian Spring for making a huge difference in my recovery. I also want to thank Ann at Fusion Massage.

Now that the pain is gone and I can stand, it is time to figure out how to get back in shape. I have returned to yoga for core strengthening, flexibility and balance. However, it is important to continue evaluating what is possible as far as exercise while continuing to build up strength. Right now I’m exploring what is possible as far is physically possible, any thoughts you would like to share on your rehabilitation experiences would be appreciated.

Also, critically important to getting back into shape is diet, while I know how important diet is, I will be reaching out to someone to help get me back on track. One lesson learned in getting older, it’s okay to ask for help.

Utilizing that philosophy, what lessons have your learned and applied that have helped you get your healthy lifestyle back on track?