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school supplies

Remember how you felt on your final day of summer vacation and school starts tomorrow?  Today is that day for my kids.  It seems every year they have a similar reaction, though the older they get the more they dread school.  For my kiddo in high school the thought of all those AP classes and the homework that goes with them is something to dread, besides since he and most of his friends can drive getting together this summer wasn’t difficult.  For my other kiddo in middle school getting together with friends was more challenging so school means seeing friends, hanging out after school, sleep overs at the last minute on Friday nights and the fun part of school with musical theater. 

The one thing both my kids enjoy doing is going school supply shopping and we accomplished that a couple of weeks ago.  I make sure the basics on the list are purchased and I know that in the next day or two they will each have additional items that must be at school the following day.  I remember being excited about going clothes shopping and getting new tennis shoes before school starts but that isn’t something my kids look for, maybe because they can wear flip-flops and shorts to school (I couldn’t wear either to school) they just aren’t that interested.  I will have to drag them jeans shopping sometime in September so that when the weather does turn colder they have jeans that fit, if I didn’t drag them to buy jeans they would be whining on that first cold day about not having any pants that fit—I know this for fact because it has happened multiple times!

Though each of our children feel differently about the first day of school we as parents do our best to encourage them, to provide them with the tools they need and in my opinion the most important thing they take with them is our love.  I love to see them succeed and learn from their failures when they do happen.  We hug them to help with the failures and give direction to hopefully keep it from happening again.