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The topic of the library comes up quite a few times a week in my life.  In grade school once a week the class would go to the library and learn about everything the library had to offer, we had to learn the Dewey Decimal System, a teacher had to approve a book we picked to check out for the week and sometimes we had to work on research topics.  I hated the days we went to the library, what a boring place and the books I checked out were too boring to read, however in college things changed.  I discovered the library does have the fun fiction books I like to read and because I think books are expensive and I read them quickly the library became my addiction.

Library’s are doing a good job in keeping up with technology and I really like having the ability to look online for books and authors, putting those titles on hold, and when I get an email notice I go straight to the library to pick up the book and of course look at the shelves with the new titles.  Last weekend my mom handed me a fairly new book and she was surprised to learn I had already read the book.  I explained to her that I cannot afford to buy books so I get them all from the library and she told me she gets her books at garage sales, though she admits to only wanting to pay $0.25 for her books.  Today I went to the library and my son happened to tag along and he always questions why I like to read so much.  I asked him and myself how I failed with my kids not liking to read like I do?  I always took my kids to the library with me and they used to love getting as many books as we could carry.  We would read books 2 or more times a day, but somewhere along the way they lost interest.

Tom sometimes makes fun of me because I am always going to the library.  Other friends look at me funny when I leave the library with 5 or more books in my arms or they call and I admit I’m at the library. 

Here is today’s load from the library:    library

I’m curious what anyone else thinks of the library?  The library is always busy and I see all ages and genders in the library, so why do people think it’s weird I am so familiar with my local library?

Do you go to the library?

If not, why?