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Yesterday I took my car to get new tires. I only went to the location I did because it was the best price we could find at the time. When I arrived the guy at the counter told me it would take over an hour because the computers were down and they were trying to do everything by hand. He asked me what year my car was and asked me for the keys and I told him I would be at the table waiting for my car. About an hour later he came out and handed me my keys and an envelope and told me my car was finished. I walked out the door and got into my car, the very first thing I noticed was that a small clutch bag I keep in the center console was out and sitting in my cup holder. When I opened my console all my personal car stuff (CDs, phone charger, mints, batteries for the DVD player, etc.) was completely disorganized. It was very obvious that someone had gone through my things and had no regard for my privacy. Nothing was missing, I know exactly what I keep in there and where everything goes. I got out of my car and looked in the rear door pockets and checked the back area to see if anything else was out of the norm.

I left the store and went home with the feeling of things not being right. I don’t exactly feel violated but at the same time I see no reason for anyone to go through that area of my car. This morning I mentioned what happened to Tom and he asked if I called the store to complain. I said no because nothing was stolen but he still felt I should call. When we were on-air on AM Colorado this morning that was what Tom asked our listeners to call and give their thoughts on the matter. Overwhelmingly everyone thought I should call and complain. However a couple of people asked if my car needed a special lug nut key and I had no idea. As it turns out I do but even had the tire guys asked me yesterday if I had the lug nut key I would have known exactly where to look if I had one and it was not in my center console. When Tom and I looked at my tires after our radio show he asked me where my lug nut key would be and I said it would be in the back with the other tools needed to change my tires, and low and behold that exactly where it was.

I still don’t know if complaining is the correct thing to do? If a lug nut key is a common necessity for tires why wasn’t I asked about it when I checked in? Even if they realized my car needed this special tool why didn’t they give me the courtesy of asking before going through all my personal stuff?