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flagYesterday afternoon I made time to see Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie “America: Imagine the World Without Her“.  I invited my daughter to go with me and I have to say that thankfully our internet was not working correctly and she decided to go to the movie with me.  I made my kids go to Dinesh D’Souza’s first movie “2016: Obama’s America” and I’m glad I did because hearing about Obama from someone else besides me showed them that it’s not just me being biased against a Democrat.

When the movie started it began in 1777 and George Washington is leading troops into battle and he get shot and killed.  My daughter was funny because she whispered to me that George Washington did not die like that and I said let’s see what happens next.  Mr. D’Souza proceeds to tell a story of what might have happened if it weren’t for our founding fathers.  He also interviews individuals who think America is a power that takes from groups of people (victims) and never gives back.   The viewer gets the feeling that America is a horrible, heartless country and I whispered to my daughter that we need to remember there are two sides to every story.  This is where Mr. D’Sousa indeed shows us the other side of the story and you can count on D’Souza to do his research and back up the story with the facts of history and what America does for individuals.

I have the greatest respect for Dinesh D’Souza; he is smart, articulate and believes in America and all it stands for.  He points out that he chose to live in America, he was not born here and does not take it’s freedoms and liberties for granted.  His new movie is well thought out, he gives both sides a chance to share their views in this movie and he asks relevant questions on what the intent of our original founders wanted when they came to this land.  I would recommend this movie to EVERYONE.  My daughter left the movie with a better understanding of what is happening with our country under Obama, this is not what she wants for America either.