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Happy Independence Day!!


Yesterday in the Coloradoan there was an article about purchasing your patriotic items and if it matters where the items were made.  If you were buying a USA flag and it was ‘made in China’ would that matter? 

Today on AM Colorado Brett and I talked about the article and realized it’s a tough question to answer, especially when your budget is very limited.  A couple of years ago I was planning a dinner in Larimer County and we were going to get gifts for a couple of veterans we wanted to honor and an individual on the committee mentioned to me that the flags we bought HAD to be ‘made in America’.  I was thankful she mentioned it to me because I certainly never want to offend anyone who serves and defends our country.  Buying a ‘made in America’ flag turned out to cost more and was a challenge to find at the time.  Of course it was worth the effort and cost, especially because this was meant as a heartfelt gift.  

If you are on a tight budget and are just looking for a way to show your patriotism, to celebrate the 4th of July, do you look to see where your item is made?  The Coloradoan article mentioned clothing, flags, plastic/paper dinner wear, etc., are all these items important to purchase only from America?  Many items are ‘made in China’ and the prices are lower because labor is cheaper and there is less government interference on production, good or bad this is the way it is.  Because my budget is always tight I need my dollars to go as far as possible, this question of ‘made in America’ for patriotic items puts me in a difficult position.  What do you do?