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Remember this?  finished sandbox

This is the sandbox I referred to as the “never ending project”, and it still is. I had it finally finished, it looked great, our flowers were blooming, the trees looked healthy and then last week a horrible hail storm hit Fort Collins.  Now my “never ending project” needs to be re-done because the hail chipped away the numerous layers of paint on I applied to it.  I have to replace many of the flowers I planted in the flower pots and some of the trees look naked now.  We were not home when the hail storm came through but there were piles of hail still in the street and our driveway and front walkway looked like it needed to be shoveled.

These things are all small, yes-even having to repaint that darn sandbox again is small, compared to the cars with hail damage and of course the rooftops that were damaged.  In 2011 a similar hail storm came through Fort Collins and caused most of my neighbors and I issues and arguments with insurance and roofing companies.  We are not looking forward to another storm and the grief that goes with it, but it seems to be a way of life right now and something we are all accepting as home ownership.