This week I was called to DC for a last minute business trip. I haven’t been in the airport or on a plane for awhile, what an eye opening reminder of what I’ve been missing.

* If there is a lady in front you, don’t cut in front of her.

* Please bath before you arrive, BO is not enjoyable for any of us standing or sitting next to you.

* You are the parent, act like it – reasoning with a screaming child is not being a parent, if the child is in control then you’re not, do your job!

* US Airways – stop overbooking flights and asking people to layover for a free ticket, sell the right number of tickets.

* If you’re an adult, you should know better than to kick the seat in front of you, shouldn’t you?

* Can we please start charging people by their weight? And forcing people who are large to buy two seats!

* Have we made air travel so inexpensive that you feel it’s okay to dress so casually we can all see you underwear (guys) and your thong (ladies)?

The trip was a success because our meetings went really well. It was even more exciting to run into an old friend at Reagan, General Josiah Bunting – you have to love serendipitous encounters at the airport.

What do you see when you’re at the airport?