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I am on vacation this week as Tom pointed out a couple of days ago.  I disagree with Tom on a few things about a vacation and want to clarify what a vacation to my family.  I want to start with the definition of vacation:


1 :  a respite or a time of respite from something :  intermission
2 a :  a scheduled period during which activity (as of a court or school) is suspended

   b :  a period of exemption from work granted to an employee
3 :  a period spent away from home or business in travel or recreation 
4 :  an act or an instance of vacating
We all work hard in our lives, we go to work 5 or 6 days a week, our kids go to school, we have weekly activities we all participate in and when we are not working or going to activities we are doing the daily and weekly chores around the house.  We try to make family time, we do our best to eat dinner together as many times a week as possible and rent or go to the movies when possible, however true quality AND quantity time doesn’t happen very often during the year.  Last year we were in a unique position to treat our kids to a big vacation, we all knew it would be a trip we wouldn’t be able to repeat anytime soon so we made the most of it.  This year, as in some years in the past, our budget for a vacation was limited and we talked about the choices, everyone agreed a “staycation” has always been fun and easy.
A vacation in our family means that we mark off vacation days from work and any other commitments and we schedule as many day trips as possible, doing all the fun things we don’t have time or money to do during the year.  Yes, the economy is not too great but that means we have to find less expensive ways to take a vacation and by staying home and doing day trips we save on hotels, some meals are still eaten at home and we don’t have to board the dog in the kennel which adds up quickly.  It’s really a win-win way to take a vacation.
A vacation for us means leaving work and work responsibilities behind for a period of time.  It does not necessarily mean going away from home or leaving the state if you can’t afford it.  It’s relaxation and if that means sitting in front of the TV because that’s what you like to do than in my opinion you should do it.