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Today is the primary election in Colorado.  Colorado has a closed primary which means only those registered with a Party and has a candidate got to vote and it was also a mail ballot, with the option of voting in person.  I filled out the ballot that was mailed to me and I dropped it off yesterday.  I waited until the last minute because believe it or not I wasn’t sure who I was going to vote for the Larimer County Coroner.  The last Coroner, Dr. Allen, held this office for 30 years and no one can remember anyone ever running against him.  Both candidates had good points about how the office is currently run and I’ll admit I don’t know enough about the office to know who’s ideas are better.  I will be curious to see who wins the primary and how they decide to run the office when they are sworn in after January.

Colorado also has 4 candidates to pick from for the Republican candidate to run against Governor Hickenlooper.  When talking with fellow Republican’s no one seems to feel any one candidate is better than another.  Tonight’s vote count could bring some surprises with the Governor’s race, but of course the most important thing about the winner is going to be their ability to raise money and more importantly will be how they reach the average, uninformed voter.

The count down to “election night” is on with only about 5 hours until the first vote postings.

Who do you think will win the Republican nomination for Governor?