I just read an article in the Daily Mail about the singer Sting and what he plans on doing with his $180 million net worth – he’s going to spend it and not leave any to his kids. He has told his kids there will be no trust fund, you must find your own way in life because if he gives them money they will lose their ambition and work ethic.

I didn’t know a thing about Sting until this article, only his music which I occasionally enjoy, it is refreshing to hear that someone with his wealth has great perspective when it comes to raising his kids.

When it comes to my kids, I have tried to teach them that they are blessed to be living when they are, and that with three skills they can do whatever they want in their lives: 1. think critically 2. write well 3. speak articulately. If you combine those skills with ambition you can accomplish anything you want.

Unfortunately so many of today’s youth, including my kids, have had it too easy in so many ways that their ambition, work ethic and desire to become better are lacking. As a parent I have responsibility in providing direction to my kids, and overall we have good kids, they don’t get in trouble, they do well in school and are respectful of adults. But for some reason they lack an overall drive to accomplish goals on their own.

Have you had success in teaching your kids to get out from under your wings? What is it that drives some kids regardless of their lot in life to overachieve while others with all the advantages of life lack motivation?