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soccer ball

A mini version of the official Fifa World Cup soccer ball

If you listen to Tom and I on AM Colorado you know Tom doesn’t think to highly of soccer in the sporting world and I only know enough about soccer to watch my son play.  I would love it if he also played baseball but it’s soccer year round now, I guess that’s what I get for starting him in soccer at the age of 4 1/2.

The thing about soccer that I like so much is that soccer players do a lot of running during a game and they really are in great cardiovascular shape.  My son likes soccer because the ball is always moving and he has more fun playing soccer.  The other advantage to soccer is all you really need to play is a ball.  With a ball you can work on footwork by yourself or kick it around with a friend.  3 v 3 is popular because the goals are small and it’s a quick game with a lot of footwork.  You do not necessarily need a large space or even grass to play soccer, you just need a ball.  I think that is part of the reason soccer is so popular in third world countries, because you don’t need expensive equipment.

A number of years ago someone on my son’s soccer team sent out an inspirational soccer video to everyone on the team, and today my son and I searched for the video and found it.  I thought I would share that video with all of you because it shows the simplicity of soccer and it can be played anywhere but also because it is a great example of never giving up, even when you think you can’t do something just dreaming about it can make it a reality.