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finished sandbox

The never ending I started the first week of May, I finally finished it yesterday.  It was the frame of our sandbox and no it was not a difficult project!  This week I was able to work around the weather and get someone to help hold the pine tree out of the way so I could paint.  I had a few unexpected issues that I didn’t anticipate.

When I started this project in May it was much cooler and I only saw a couple of spiders but it is now the middle of June and there are a LOT of spiders living in the rocks around the sandbox.  I HATE spiders!!  I tried to avoid the spiders or step on them when possible but as I was painting under the Rose of Sharon bush a small spider dropped down on a web and I freaked out and started waving my paint brush that was full of paint, paint went flying into the sandbox, on the bush, on the grass, on my legs and on the dog.  Did I mention I really hate spiders?

The other unexpected issue was the dog.  When I was painting the primer the dog was hanging out with me and I knew he would step on the painted frame but primer dries to the touch pretty quick, paint however does not.  I was smart enough to block the dog door so that he couldn’t go inside and get paint on my wood floors but somehow Emmet managed to get paint all over the front of all 4 legs and all along his neck and stomach.  How….I have not idea.  The little doof is covered in paint and now he needs a haircut since that’s the only way the paint is coming off.

Emmet paint

I know others of you can relate to this project that seems to have taken me too long to accomplish, it wasn’t hard and I didn’t procrastinate but I’m thankful it is now finished and hopefully I won’t have to repaint again for the next 7 or 8 years.

Anyone have a suggestion on getting paint out of Emmet’s hair?  He isn’t quite ready for another haircut but I can’t stand leaving him paint covered.