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Have you ever had a project that you know shouldn’t take very long, its not complicated and you’ve probably done it once before in the past and it went smoothly? Well, that’s me with this current project.  I am trying to get a fresh coat of paint on the frame of our sandbox.  I’ve done this once before about 8 years ago, it was only one very long day of a project.  This year, because I’m trying to do it during the week and I still have to work, still had carpool, etc. the project seems to be taken forever…..correction, it is taking forever!

I started one day scraping the old paint off, a couple days later I added a coat of primer, then about 2 weeks later I added another coat of primer.  I decided to try to get a gallon of paint at the Greeley paint exchange/recycle center and lucked out with a full gallon of Behr premium beige paint.  Not my first color choice but after painting a sample I decided I could live with it.  However, the big blue spruce tree over hangs into the sandbox and I needed some help to finish the primer under the tree, and after a month from starting this project I finally found a time and the help to finish that part.   Weekends have been crazy busy or the weather has been snowy or raining and I just haven’t been able to find a day with nice weather and the time to get the paint on the dang thing!

Today it was my goal to take 2 hours and get the dang thing finish, but no……

Please tell me I am not the only one with a seemingly simple project that just can’t get finished?  What project have you attempted that you know you can do, you can see the end but for whatever reason it took forever to get done?