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Why Aren’t You on the Radio?

Almost everyone I know is in need of free marketing, and as someone who is on the radio five days a week, three hours a day, it is amazing how many great stories are out there that if people would just contact us we would have them on-air.

Are you a business owner? Are you an expert in a particular field? Do you have an upcoming event? The list of reasons for you to be on the radio is endless.

How do you get on-air? 

Start local and small: 

Let’s assume you have never been on-air and that’s why you’re still reading.

Business Owner:

Let’s use a restaurant owner for this example. Every market has major radio stations, mid-size and small. Find the smaller stations to start. As a restaurant owner you have more flexibility between AM and FM stations. Once you have identified the smaller stations, listen and research the on-air talent, learn something about them. After you’ve learned what you need to about them, call the producer of the show and ask if you can bring breakfast, lunch or dinner to the host(s), producer and anyone else at the station, know how many people you need to feed, generally not many people.

Once you arrive with your food, ask the producer if you can what until a commercial break to thank the host(s) and station for allowing you to feed them. Make sure you pack extra menu’s to leave at the station; and definitely make sure you take you best meals. You can also offer them free give away items – take them $50 in gift certificates, $10 increments, for them to give away on-air.

Food is easy. If you take the following steps, and deliver the food early in the show, the host(s) will be talking about you the rest of the show, and chances are they will put you on-air.

Every traditional business owner has an angle to get the attention of on-air personalities, figure out your uniqueness and sell it to them. If you have questions about your business, just ask us.

Non-Traditional Business:

What if you’re an expert in a particular field or a self published author, a non-traditional business owner or even a non-profit? Devon and I are amazed at how many interesting people we come across on a daily basis; the same people who are shocked when we invite them to tell their stories on-air.

There is no doubt we are overrun everyday with media requests from national groups, and 90% of those requests are deleted, usually because they are of no interest to us, and therefore aren’t going to be interesting to our listeners. Remember, that is why you do your research on the station and the host(s), find out what interests them. That is also why it is important you start with small stations, the host(s) and producer are much more easily accessible.

Now that you have a unique angle to pitch, how do you get in contact with them? Calling is a no-no, don’t call!  How about just showing up at the station? NEVER, just show up at the station, it is a sure fire way for you to be black balled and never get on-air. What about email? Email is okay, but with number of emails we receive daily, it is likely to get lost. In today’s world social media is the perfect way to get attention. Most radio personalities are just starting to use social media, any interaction they receive gets them excited. You can also listen and find out where they are going to be: are they going to a grand opening, a ribbon cutting, etc. If so, show up, introduce yourself and have your 30 second pitch ready to go, but don’t be a stalker!

Next time we’ll discuss what to do when you get a radio segment booked.

Good luck!

Remember, radio is also a great way to promote your business. Just because you landed a single interview, it’s going to be the only “free” interview you receive, the sponsors of our show love the value they receive from working with us.