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A couple of days ago I posted about being ready for summer vacation.  I talked about how my kids and I spend our summer at the pool, I try to enroll them in activities to keep busy and that no matter how hard I try summer will become boring with nothing to do.

As a part of that post I also mentioned stocking up on sunscreen and white wine.  I know I’ve stocked up on the sunscreen but I didn’t check the supply of aloe for the days we either miss the sunscreen or we don’t apply enough.  This past weekend we were in the sun both days for a soccer tournament and even though we have one of those big sport umbrellas and we used it the sun was unavoidable all day and the boys on the soccer field couldn’t avoid it at all.  A great parent had an extra pop up shade for the coach and boys on the sidelines and they were in the shade between games but when it’s that hot and they are sweating that much sunscreen cannot stay on them.  The result of course were sunburned faces and that’s when I learned I forgot to stock up on aloe.

The funniest thing about my original post and summer vacation is that I thought I needed to chose between stocking up on sunscreen and wine.  It was quickly pointed out by some great friends that their was NO need to chose and to stock up on both.  Good thing I took their advice because today, had I had the time, would have been a WHOLE bottle of wine.  Day 1 of summer vacation was no vacation…….the rest better be better than today!

Anyone want to join me for wine on the back patio?