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For the last week I have been trying to understand some individuals I interact with in my personal life.  These are individuals vote for the ‘left’ on a regular basis though some are registered “unaffiliated”.  These are individuals who live a middle class life, some are stay-at-home mom’s, and they believe in more money for schools and the free/reduced lunch program.  They regularly donate to charities like the food banks and always participate in charity fundraisers.  Most believed that Amendment 66 was a tax increase that would ALL go to the classrooms and schools, even though I tried to explain to them how that money was mostly to support PERA.

This handful of individuals talk about the price of gas for their mini-vans and the increase in their grocery bills, however it’s conversations recently that have me confused on how their minds work.  A couple of people have decided to open a small business and now they are commenting on how much it costs to run this business.  Another person just realized her HOA is running in the red and that some people are taking advantage of the HOAs offerings without paying.  I know these individuals understand money, how to balance their own household budgets, but until the government takes a bigger chunk or they are directly being taken advantage of they seem oblivious to what is happening around them.

I often make fun of myself on AM Colorado , that I live in my own little bubble, I am not the only one and at least I try to look outside my bubble so I’m aware of what is truly happening with my government.  My confusion is how someone can understand basic economics, they know how to balance their budgets, they work hard for their money, yet they vote the way they do?  Is advertising responsible for this?  Are we going to see a direct correlation between Common Core math (the theory that as long as you can explain your answer it’s correct…..2+2=2, it does if you count how many 2’s there are) and why the government doesn’t want our kids to learn math the old fashioned way where 2+2=4?