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For those that do not know, I spent 12 years as an elected member of the Board of Regents of the University of Colorado and am a proud alumnus. I have been asked to give a speech June 8, 2014 to a distinguished group based on my years of service as a regent. Stay tuned for details on live streaming since I will be participating via Skype.

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My dilemma is simple: the speech I gave towards the end of my tenure is outdated because my thoughts on higher education have evolved. However, that speech is still relevant because those original thoughts still relate to higher education reforms. I have not “bounced” my new ideas with others for feedback,  is now the time to share new concepts? Normally I would ask people to pick apart my arguments to make them stronger.

How would you reform higher education if you were elected for 12 years to a college board?

Would your answer change if I told you governing boards have almost no say in how a university is run? Meanwhile student loan debt skyrockets, tuition outpaces inflation at 3x, and nothing changes; everyone can see the crisis except for the leaders of higher education.

What was the most recent propaganda put out by the folks in higher education? A college degree is worth the investment, you will earn $831,000 more over your lifetime than a high school graduate; and you are more likely to be employed. I asked the authors of the news stories if any had bothered to read the analysis of former University of Texas Regent Charles Miller debunking the myth of college earnings, predictably no one returned an email or tweet.

Yes, I am likely to be bold and introduce my new ideas to the June 8 speech, stay tuned!!!