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The countdown is on in 3…2…1…SUMMER VACATION!


Every year I am excited for summer and summer vacation.  I love the warm weather, the no parent homework (you know what I mean—the craft supplies, the homework interviewing your parent, the “describe your child” homework), the reduction in evening activities and the necessity of having lunch box foods constantly on hand.  I also enjoy summer vacation because I truly enjoy spending time with my kids.  However, I quickly learned that some sort of plan is necessary to ensure sanity for me and lack of boredom for them.  We have joined a neighborhood pool for the last 8 or 9 years and this definitely helps break up the monotony, even if we go everyday for an hour it’s good for all of us mentally and it’s rare the kids don’t want to stay longer.  This year my daughter has also chosen to play recreational basketball and my son has a part-time job.

Even with some plans, activities, a freezer full of Otter Pops, scheduled events and a family vacation I know that the summer boredom will hit by the end of July, we will have had to review the rules many times about TV viewing, how many snacks are allowed, how much the hose can be used and to tell me where you are going and when you will be back.  It’s a broken record for our summer vacation and now I need to get ready, because READY OR NOT…..summer vacation is here.

Maybe this year I need to focus on some plans for my own sanity?  Do I plan girls nights out more often, do I schedule a massage regularly, or do I just stock up on my favorite wine and chocolates?

How do you and your kids enjoy your summer vacation?