Who do you follow on social media? Is there someone or company that you believe does an exceptional job? I am particularly interested in people who are in politics, I can’t find anyone doing a good job with social media in politics but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

When Devon and I use the phrase social media, we’re talking about all interactive on-line platforms. The reason we’re aggressively pursuing a strong presence on-line is because we see the trends, people have their smart phones with them almost everywhere they go and we know people are looking at their phones in hyper-drive fashion. We know that without expanding our presence beyond the radio we’re going to eventually lose listeners.

However, our goal isn’t just about listeners, our goal is to expand listener interaction, we want to share more of our lives, while at the same time hearing from people we normally don’t get a chance to hear from. When someone follows us on Twitter ,@tomanddevon, or Instagram, TomandDevon, or on our blog, we try follow them back. We’re usually pretty good about follow backs but every once in awhile we miss.

We really do want to interact as much as possible because that is where we learn what you like hearing us discuss on the radio. Besides, your lives are much more interesting than ours. Now, with social media we have multiply ways to hear from you.

Let us know what you like and dislike about our blog. We’re receiving tremendous enjoyment from blogging, as we get longer into the process we will get better, just like the radio show.

Thank you for supporting of our blog, our social media and the radio show.