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Think back to your past and I bet everyone has dishes that were served at the family gatherings, at special occasions or things that only one other person in the family made that you loved to eat.  My family is no exception and my trip to Gallup was another reminder of those foods and a chance to find out more about those recipes.

Yesterday my uncle made smoked trout.  He and a friend often go fishing and when the freezer is full my uncle smokes the fish.  It was a long process, starting Friday night with skinning and soaking the fish in salt water.  Saturday morning he put the fish in the smoker and many hours later he pulled them out of the smoker and showed us how to de-bone the fish to eat them, and they were fabulous and we will each take some home with us.

Fish smoker smoked fish

I have never had smoked fish, other than vacuum wrapped store bought fish, this was so good when it was still warm from the smoker.  For me this is the perfect light lunch with crackers or on a salad but just eating it straight from the smoker was perfect too.