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tommy governor bill signing

A lot of people have been asking: why was your son at a bill signing with governor Hickenlooper?

Of course, most of the people asking are conservative friends, and not necessarily big fans of the governor. Honestly, I’m not a fan of the governor’s politics, but I can separate politics and the person and am grateful for the CPR bill he signed May 16, 2014.

If you haven’t heard the story, our son Tommy went into full cardiac arrest on March 5 while jogging at the end of baseball practice. Tommy is still with us today, and once again playing baseball because of the life saving work of so many people, but the life saving work started with his coaches who immediately began administering CPR.

Thanks to the initial CPR of Chad Raabe, while Jay Denning went for the schools AED because the 911 operator told them to only perform chest compression’s, Tommy survived until the ambulance team arrived.

While we were sitting at Children’s Hospital waiting for Tommy to have open heart surgery we heard story after story of athletes dying on the field because no one knew what to do when they went into cardiac arrest. We are blessed that both Chad and Jay are CPR certified. However, they are certified because the Thompson School District requires coaches be CPR certified.

It is no secret that state senator Bill Cadman is a friend to the family. He made a number of visits to Tommy while he was in the hospital, and he too heard the story’s of athletes dying because people did not know what to do. He made a commitment to us  in the hospital that all coaches would know what to do, similar to Chad and Jay,  in the event one of their athletes went into cardiac arrest.

We ask our high school coaches to push our sons and daughters to the physical limits in pursuit of making them stronger people and potentially state champions. But we don’t ask them to be CPR trained for a cardiac event, now we do.

I am proud of the work Tommy did lobbying legislators to help pass the bill; and proud of him for standing with the governor when he signed the bill.