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Gallup Santa Fe train

When I say family road trip I’m sure you are thinking my nuclear family but this trip is with my old nuclear family, my mom and sister.  A 10 hour car trip to New Mexico and staying together in the same hotel room for 5 days.  A trip to visit family in the exciting town of Gallup, New Mexico.  I’ve made this trip many times in my life, the cars have improved since my parents old Rambler car, with the roll down windows and no air conditioning and the speed limit was 55 mph, not that the car could have gone any faster than that anyway.  This trip with my mom and sister is rare but filled with fun.  We laugh about the hotel room (no 5 star resorts in Gallup, even when I’ve stayed at the famous El Rancho Hotel the plumbing was not very good) and we recall our many trips we’ve taken in the past.

Our purpose for the trip is to visit with my Aunt and Uncle.  We don’t go anywhere, we sit and visit and catch up on everything and everyone.  We drive by the homes my mom, her sister and brother lived in when they were younger.  We get to hear about the people we never knew or barely knew.  For me a trip to the cemetery seems like a must, I couldn’t imagine coming all this way and not visit my Grandma to tell her I miss her.

Route 66 used to go straight through Gallup, it’s now labeled Historic Route 66 because in 1985 it was removed from the official highway system.  To me Route 66 is how I find family, people I love and care about in a place that seems to be drying up in the wind and the dust.