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may 16 beer of the week

In the infamous words of Homer Simpson, “mmmm, beer goood…”

Devon and I are very fortunate to not only have a radio show, but a radio show with sponsors, including Westlake Wine and Spirits who allows us to drink beer once a week, and review the beer on Friday.

We know a lot of people aspire to have sponsors for their blogs, heck, we do too, so it is nice we can share our love of beer with you, our listeners and make our sponsor happy.

Jim, the owner of Westlake, picked this weeks beer in honor of all the graduation ceremonies going on the next few weekends. The thought was simple: there will be a lot of people having celebrations in their backyards, lot’s of meat on the grille and this would be the perfect beer.

Last night was fajita night at the Lucero household and this double bock by Ayinger Brewery was the perfect match.

As you can see, the beer pours a dark chocolate/caramel color; it has an amazingly smooth and creamy texture on the tongue, and the molasses taste is not sweet but the right flavor to make this the perfect beer for any celebration.

Make Celebrator part of your summer celebration – ideally you will get your four-pack at Westlake but regardless of where you live, pickup a four-pack today.