Raising Awareness


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CPR and AED’s Make a Difference

Today I attended a meeting for the Heart Safe City campaign in our community of Loveland; our goal is to raise awareness around CPR training and placing AED’s in strategic places in the community.

If you would like help in raising awareness in your community please reach out to me via our email: tomanddevon1@gmail.com

Thank you to everyone who has donated and who will be helping as we move forward training as many people as possible in CPR.

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Lucero family pays it forward

Tommy Lucero’s parents donate four AEDs to district athletic department
By Sean Star

 Sometimes the best way to show appreciation is to pay it forward.

And that’s what Julie Kruit and Tom Lucero are doing now, a couple months after coaches and emergency response personnel helped saved the life of their son, Tommy Lucero,

The Thompson Valley High School freshman collapsed and had his heart stop during the end of a baseball practice back in March, but quick response by his teammates and coaches helped ensure that he pulled through, before then having surgery a week later to help correct a heart defect called aortic origin of a coronary artery (AAOCA).

The community immediately turned to Tommy and his parents to help pay for the medical bills. But because their out-of-pocket max had already been met, Lucero and Kruit decided instead to donate the funds raised by family and friends to the McKee Medical Center Foundation to pay for four automatic external defibrillators for the school district’s athletic department.


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