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First Hike of the Season

hiking sanitas may 4

One of the joys of living in Colorado is that we have access to great hikes a long the Front Range including Mt. Sanitas in Boulder. If you’re not yet in shape then make sure you are prepared with a lot of water for this hike, while the trail is relatively short at 3.1 miles round trip, the elevation gain is over 1,300 feet in the 1.5 miles ascending. I am in fairly decent Crossfit shape, but today reminded me that not all exercise is equal and I have a little more to do to get in shape to hike a 14er this summer.

A few observations:

* If someone smiles at you, smile back

* If someone says hello, say hello

* If you are hiking a dog friendly trail don’t act annoyed because a dog brushes along your leg, there are plenty of dog free trails

* Don’t act self entitled to the trail. A lot of trails are narrow in places, if you have a convenient place to stand to the side to allow others to pass then do so. There is nothing more arrogant than the person who acts like everyone needs to move for them. Also, say thank you when someone does move to the side for you.

Happy hiking!