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toilet paper

Last weekend when I opened my bedroom blinds the first thing that caught my eye was all the toilet paper covering my neighbors house.  It was a beautiful Saturday morning but early so I didn’t think twice about it being cleaned up.  As the day progressed I noticed that my neighbors had not been out and about at all.  I know they are sometimes out of town so by mid-afternoon I called them and sure enough they were not due back for another couple of days.  My family and I went across the street and we spent about an hour and used 2 very large trash bags to clean up their yard.  As we were trying to get as much as possible out of the trees we realized a couple of things: 1. a LOT of rolls were used, 2. they used high quality toilet paper, 3. they weren’t very good at tossing the rolls over the tree and many rolls got stuck in the branches before they were half empty 4. the food coloring used stained the cement.

The whole incident had me wondering where the idea of “TP-ing” someones house came from.  I’ll admit I once went along with friends and “TP’d” someones house, though not this many rolls (not that it’s an excuse mind you).  The internet can be handy, though limited, in finding how these types of traditions started.  I found lots of information on how American’s stopped using the Sears Roebuck catalog and now use toilet paper but other than some You Tube videos of teens doing this prank and there were lots of people asking if “TP-ing” a house is legal, but nothing about where the tradition started.  By the way, yes, it is illegal because you are trespassing and it’s vandalism.

In your opinion is this a harmless prank or is it vandalism?

I’d rather be “TP’d” than egged and we’ve been egged in the past.