It’s been an interesting couple of weeks in the Lentz household.  As parents we try so hard to teach our children about life but sometimes just living life brings lessons learned the hard way.  I try to give my kids all the tools they need to be safe, successful and hopefully happy but when kids leave the house all we can do is hope they use the tools.  I love that my kids are happy, carefree, thoughtful and caring individuals and that they value their friendships.  It breaks a parents heart to see when your kids first realize not everyone is caring and have little to no respect for others and their property.  In our case the tools were provided but when it came to using all those tools we had a failure and this resulted in a theft.  A new item was stolen because it was not locked up properly, though lockers and a padlock were provided.   Life’s lessons learned the hard way….I can only hope that a lesson was learned and that the lesson is to use the tools provided to make smart decisions.  I would hate it if the lesson learned was that you can’t trust anyone but maybe that’s not a bad lesson either.

How have your kids learned lessons?  How do you help your kids learn to use the tools you provide?  I’m always looking for ways to be a better parent and welcome any suggestions.