I like mixed drinks, wheat beers and white wines.  Many years ago a friend introduced me to Electra Moscato wine and I’ve been hooked ever since.  Last summer I was at my mother-in-laws house and she offered me a glass of wine and one thing lead to another and she happened to have a bottle of Mirassou Moscato wine and she had never had a sweet wine, of course she was pleasantly surprised at its sweetness and the light bubbles that accompany it.

One of my trips to the liquor store I bought a Cupcake Moscato and it was as good as the other wines I bought and was going to try it again;  by complete accident I bought a bottle of Cupcake Prosecco wine and didn’t realize it until I had taken a sip that it was not the moscato.  Though the prosecco wine is not a sweet dessert wine it tasted a lot like Champagne and on closer inspection I realized it had an 11 % alcohol content, where moscato wines I’ve tried are about 5.5% alcohol content.

I have since been looking into moscato wines looking for one with the higher alcohol content, not because I’m looking to get drunk (though that’s what Tom told the guy at the liquor store) but because I want to limit myself to one or two glasses at the end of that crazy day and limit my intake of calories.

Here’s my latest brand of moscato wine to try:

Barefoot moscato

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